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It all started when…

My mom asked if I knew how to use a pressure washer to clean the house she was selling. I didn't of course, but I told her I did anyways, knowing washing the house would greatly increase the home's value. Soon into the work I realized spraying away dirt, grime, and mold was extremely satisfying. Seeing before your eyes the beauty of a home reappearing after years of being hidden. That was the day I got the idea that starting a business washing homes would be a nice way to make a living.


Since that day washing homes has turned into a passion. It can be a curse really, because everywhere I go I notice homes that could really benefit from a wash. I've come to learn so much more than I ever imagined I'd need to know to wash homes for a living. With that knowledge has come the understanding that no single way is the best way to clean homes. It takes a thoughtful approach, and careful consideration of the homeowners wants and needs.